Town of Okotoks – Most Significant Change Story

December 12, 2014

The most significant change in the Town of Okotoks in the last year has been the creation and promotion of two programs that target vulnerable groups in our community as well as a new special event.

Diversity Dance is a dance and movement program specifically targeted to persons with cognitive and/or physical disabilities.  Although targeted to this specific group, Diversity Dance is open to any interested participant. The local high school contacted the programmer of this class and arrangements were made to bring their entire diversity education class to this program. Part of the strength of this program is due to the amazing instructor who is committed to providing a positive and engaging dance program to some of the communities most vulnerable members.

Active8 is a program that was launched at the beginning of 2014 at the request of the Mayor of Okotoks and completely supported by town council. This program provides a free facility pass to all grade 8 students who are registered at a school in Okotoks or who are home schooled in Okotoks. This group has been identified as particularly susceptible to dropping out of organized sport and not participating in recreational activities. The free pass is to re-engage this age group by reducing barriers and encourage taking part healthy options through the provision of a range drop-in activities as well as special events. Started as a pilot project, funding has been included in the 2015 budget which will ensure the program continues.

2014 marked the first year that the Fitness and Wellness Symposium and Trade Fair was offered and saw a cross-section of organizations and health professionals provide sessions on a variety of topics to do with health, wellness and nutrition. Many organizations participated in this event to promote their business as well as individual business owners who wanted to grow their cliental.

The Fitness and Wellness Symposium and Trade Fair was major one stop event that promoted options for active living and healthy eating to business owners, professionals and community members!

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