Bowden’s Community Action Park

May 12, 2014

My name is Beth Kuntz, and I am with the Bowden Recreation and Culture Board, and the Bowden Community Action Society within, you guessed it, the town of Bowden!  We have been a ChooseWell community for four years now and I have to say, it has really opened some doors for us.  We are a small community with a wonderful base of volunteers made up of people within the town and surrounding rural area.  We have seen some wonderful things happen in the last few years, but the project we are the most proud of to date would be our new Community Action Park. 

A small group of volunteers recognized the need for an outdoor space for not only our kids to enjoy, but all members of the family; Mom, Dad, Grandma and Grandpa.  The plan was put into action in 2013 and we are in the process of making our town's dream a reality.  So far, we have constructed an outdoor skating rink, which our town hasn't seen in many, many years, as well as two regulation horseshoe pits. Our plans for 2014 include a state of the art Skateboard park and a family picnic/gazebo area as well as some beautification around the park.   Future plans also include a splash park. 

The best part of the project is that is has been made possible solely by volunteers.   Last year on October 26, (the last day before the snow fell) we gathered together as many people from the town and surrounding area that we could possibly muster up.  In one day we constructed the outdoor skating rink and horseshoe pits!  We had so many people show up that we sent groups around town to help out with other areas that needed a little TLC.  It was an absolutely amazing day!  There were dads and grandpas working together with children building the rink and horseshoe pits, there were older kids guiding younger kids with dirt removal, there were Moms and Grandmas making an amazing lunch and snacks to provide each and every one of the volunteers with something to eat that day.  It was so great to be a part of!  Sometimes it's easy to forget how many wonderful people live right next to you.  It took a day like that to really revive Bowden's spirit.  It made us feel like anything is really possible in our small little community.  

Although we still have a big year ahead of us, we are already moving ahead with further fundraising opportunities and partnering with other volunteer groups in town to see this dream become a reality.  We are all looking forward to an exciting 2014!!

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