About ACE

In 2008, the Active, Creative, Engaged (ACE) Communities, spearheaded by Alberta Recreation and Parks Association (ARPA), obtained funding of $5.5 million from diverse sources including: Rural Alberta Development Fund, Cenovus, Encana, and Canwest Media. This funding made possible a wide variety of programs, services, research, and resource development.

Using these resources, ACE has not only contributed to increased visibility and utilization of ARPA programs and services, it also enhanced its credibility by serving new markets. ACE allowed ARPA to create a significant legacy of assets and knowledge by making a significant impact in 50+ rural communities in Alberta. It also built a provincial network that will be conducive to rolling out any future province-wide initiative and positioned ARPA as an organization that can assist communities in being “future-ready” by using recreation and parks as a catalyst for “comprehensive community transformation”.

While recreation and parks were used as a catalyst for the community building and the broader community transformation that became the focus of ACE Communities, it was also the impetus for the development of frameworks, tools, and resources that were of benefit to such sectors as agriculture, social services, health, arts and culture, education, elected officials, government, and business.

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